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Business Intelligence

Leverage your Business Strategy with BI

Having the right kind of insight can make or break the success of a business. For the past 5 years, D2 Consulting has helped clients transform raw data into valuable decision-oriented information through our portfolio of Business Intelligence services.

From solution development to analytics and strategic consulting, D2 Consulting can help your business achieve its BI objectives and provide you with the valuable insight you need to achieve success.

From Data to Decisions

Whether you’re sitting on a mountain of undervalued raw data or looking for solutions strengthen your existing solutions, D2 Consulting can help you make the changes you need to achieve your objectives. From strategy consulting to BI solution integration and cutting-edge business analytics, we tailor our services, providing our clients with a high level of quality and deep market knowledge in both small and end-to-end solution planning and implementations alike.

Making your Information Assets Count

In 2013, Gartner reported BI and analytics to be one of the fastest growing software markets globally ($13.8 Bn). As the need for BI solutions continues to increase, finding integration services with partners that really care about your business can be a challenging task. Moreover, to be successful, BI implementations require nothing short of excellence in the areas of strategy, planning, delivery, and methodology.

d2 Interactive’s approach is pragmatic and rational. Think: “Out of the million things I can do with a BI system, which ones do I really need?” d2 Interactive helps clients find solutions to strategic needs and then implements them. Simple.

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