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Integration Services

So you’ve purchased the world’s best system… Now what?

The world is becoming more and more connected and businesses perpetually seek to reduce the cost of duplicate operations brought forth by disconnected systems, duplicate data, and multiple ‘sources of truth’. The software market offers a number of fantastic systems, but in order for any of these to deliver value, they need to be integrated into a client organizational fabric: People, Processes, and Systems.

Care is Key

D2 Consulting clients are often businesses who prefer to spend less time on managing their technology footprint , and more time focusing on core business activities. Through our system integration services we help clients tackle the daunting task of getting heterogeneous systems to talk to each other seamlessly. Our distinct competitive advantage however, is our innate sense of care and attention to customer needs, existing technology, processes, and data. D2 Consulting delivers client integrations as if they were our own.

Our technical advantage – Expertise & Only make promises we can keep

At D2 Consulting, our credo is to only promise what you can deliver. Unlike many generalist technology service firms that populate the marketplace, we won’t pretend to be able to provide you with skills we do not have. Clients that chose D2 Consulting to conduct their integration projects are generally businesses seeking expert knowledge in the technologies we handle (See Technologies) without the burden of over-sales and expertise exaggeration at the right price.

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