There is no denying the importance of Microsoft technology in the modern business ecosystem. Microsoft software counts for half the global market share of internet-capable device operating systems, office software, enterprise databases. Many organisations continue to choose Microsoft products for their robustness, support, popularity, and ease of use. D2 Consulting helps clients harness a full spectrum of Microsoft technologies and steers the most complex projects towards successful outcomes.

Our expertise in .NET, SQL Server, Azure, IIS, allows us to produce quality systems and applications that easily integrate within our clients’ technological and operational environments. From tailor-made CRM systems to complex financial back-office applications, D2 Consulting manages the entire development lifecycle using the latest Microsoft technology and project methodologies most adapted to the clients’ needs.

We also help clients in the value-assessment, vendor-selection, planning, and management of Microsoft technology development and integration projects. When D2 Consulting is not directly involved in delivery, we also act as an impartial 3rd party that helps clients decide on whether it is better to build or to buy a specific software solution.

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